Overflowing with positivity…

Overflowing with positivity…

So I was sitting thinking what my next blog post should be about and the one word that kept springing to mind was positivity. I cannot tell you how positive I feel since beginning my loa journey. I think most people would have described me a positive before but now…..well this is next level stuff. 

In my last post I told you the things that I’ve manifested. Since then I’ve also had more orders from my part time business that I run, inbetween studying and being a single parent, in the last 2 weeks than I’ve had all year! Mind blown. 

I don’t know whether my positivity has created those opportunities or whether those opportunities have created my positivity, either way it feels fantastic. I’m far more aware of my energy now. If something has annoyed me and put me in a bad mood I know now I can quickly think of something I appreciate in my life and, boom, bad mood lifted. That for me has ment much more than the material gains I’ve had. 

I’m truly happy. I’m appreciative of my life and I’m excited to be open to any and all the amazing possibilities the world has to offer me. 



Mini manifestations in just 10 days!!!

Mini manifestations in just 10 days!!!

Okay, so I read loads of info from forums, watched many YouTube videos and watched The Secret all to gain an insight into the world of LOA. 

After searching over and over for other people’s success stories I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and start doing. 

I’m sure I can’t be the only person who felt I should try and ‘test out’ the theory. So I sat and decided what I would try and manifest first. So over the next few days I meditated, visualised and wrote down my intentions. 

My first was for money. £10,000 to be exact. I visualised logging into my account and seeing it there. My balance £10,000. I could feel an excitement in my tummy thinking about my money. Honestly, that feeling was incredible. For the rest of the day I felt amazing. Everytime I thought about my money I’d smile. 

That night I went to bed and wondered how long it would take to manifest something. Then fell asleep happy and content. 

The very next day I woke up again feeling great. I went to get some money out of my handbag for my daughters lunch thinking I only had a few pounds in my purse as I’d not been to the cash machine. In the bottom of my bag I found and extra £4. You’re probably thinking that’s pretty normal right? Except my bag was brand new so I hadn’t been dropping lose change in it yet. Okay, thanks I thought smiling. £4 is £4 right? Then I put on my coat to walk the kids to school. Another £2.50 in my pocket. Again don’t remember dropping it in there. Thank you universe. Came home and got into my car. Decided to change the cd before I drove off and under the cd was a £5 note 😃 by this point I’m a full on believer. I felt so grateful and positive that the law of attraction was working. 

Two days later I got an email, completely it of the blue, from a company is taken a loan out with when my marriage broke down and I had literally nothing. You know one of those, 10000000% loans. Apparently, this company has been told by the fca that they have to refund customers they charged ridiculous fees and interest to. And guess whose one of them? I don’t know how much I’m getting yet but it’s coming. 🙌🏼 

 I’m in shock at how quickly this working. 

Oh I also won two tickets to go to a Leicester Tigers rugby match hahahaha. 

Ask, believe, receive!!!!

Thank you universe. You’re quite literally changing my life. 

My first step on the LOA path…


I just wanted to introduce myself a little in this, my first blog post 😬. 

I’m Gemma. I’m in my early 30s and a single parent to 2 beautiful children. I’m currently studying for a law degree here in Sunny (not!) England. 

I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person and more so these last few years following my divorce. 

I started reading about the Law of Attraction about 10 days ago now and was fascinated by the theory. Could I get everything I’ve ever wanted just by changing the way I think and the energy I put out there? 

Well I guess I’ll find out over the next week, year, decade who knows but I intend to document my journey right here. 

Here’s to getting the dream……